AHP - society society AHP - Alone Hunting Predators


Kainde Ameda"Hard Meat" - Aliens
Pyode Amedha"Soft Meat" - Humans
Lou-dte kaleiFemale/"Child bearer"
Thei-deDeath, Die, Kill, etc.
Ki'cti-paWrist Bldes


The Eyes
The eyes look similar to ours, they have normal pupils and a Iris but The Predator can only see in one spectrum of light; Infrared. This means that they can only see the heat of the our bodyís, but the Predator can however see in different spectums of Infrared as shown in Predator 2, when in the slaughterhouse the Predator can't see the people that are in there because of the suites they are wearing, so it changes the Infra-red spectrum so that it can see the heat of the UV lights that they are carrying. It is also speculated that the Predator can see clearer when it is wearing its Bio helmet. We don't know why itís eyesight is so poor when it is not wearing the helmet, maybe the helmet contains special lenses that work like our glasses or something like that.

The Predator has four sets of teeth. four inner jaws and two outer jaws. It is speculated that the outer jaws are used to cut the meat in to pieces and then chew it with the inner jaws. We do know for sure that the Predator isn't using his teeth for offensive or defensive purposes.

The Predator's skin has a remarkable color because some part are more green like and other parts are more with/Brown. It could be that this changes when a Predator get's older. It is also speculated that when a Predator get's older, the color of it's "hair" changes. It is speculated that the Predator as a very thick skin because it never seems that the Predator is getting cold. The skin is also very thick and very hard to penetrate as show in Predator and Predator2 when it took several shots to really wound the Predator.

It is speculated that the Predator has the same organs as a normal Human. Although al the Organs must be much bigger because of it's big body. The is always a possibility that the Predator has unknown organs because it's an Alien life form and that they hunt in all sorts of ecosystems.

The Predator has allot of muscular power. It has big arms and legs, a big trunk and big hands. This gives the Predator the possibility of jumping very high running fast and carrying heavy things like all the weapons and the bodies how just killed pray. The Predator's big hands make him possible of climbing on building(Predator 2). All this muscular power makes the Predator very strong, it can lift a full grown man with one arm and throw him 4/5 meters trough the air.