AHP - Weapons equipment AHP - Alone Hunting Predators

Wirst Blades
The Wirst Blade is most preffered Yautja weapon. This weapon is best used in close face-to-face combats. Wirst Blade is usualy mounted on the right gauntlet of a Yautja and approx. 30cm long. These twin blades are capable of slicing threw bone and can be easily retracted.

Primary Fire : Quick Slash
Secondary Fire : Charged Slash

An extending spear about a meter long when retracted, this weapon is self powered and is best used in close range combat. When extended it is about three meters long. As most if not all Yautja weapons are made out of virtually unbreakable aloy, this weapon also sharpened ends and they can produce electrical charges as it slices threw any material.

Primary Fire : Horizontal Slash
Secondary Fire : Vertical Slash

The Pistol is an small handheld gun. It fires energy blasts using your own energy. This weapon is very powerfull against Xenomorph lifeforms and moderate against humans. This weapon has been quite upgraded since AvP1. After testing it a few time on myself I find out 2 shots were enough to send me into oblivion. Another advantage is that the projectile isn't going with a curve but in a straight line. The second firing option is what seems to be an EMP Blast, I only had the opportunity to test it on myself an after 1 tap of the mousebutton I was without energy.

Primary Fire : 1 Energy blast
Secondary Fire : 3 EMP Blasts with a curve

The ultimate predator sniper-rifle. This long range weapon fires spears. It is a very powerfull weapon, capable of killing humans with one shot. It was first introduced in Predator 2. Where the speargun itself wasn't seen very good but the projectile was. The speartip is crafted from a very light and strong metal. In the hands of a someone with a good aim this weapon is a lethal weapon.

Primary Fire : 1 Spear
Secondary Fire : Multiple Spears

Shoulder Cannon
One of the most powerful of the Yautja's weapons, the Shoulder Cannon is light weight and is mounted on a Yautja's shoulder, capable of firing long and short range blasts multiple times. The cannon is very destructive and the power of the blast is unleashed at a desired target, and will give great damage to anything it attacks. The blasts of the Shoulder Cannon now follow their targets, making it harder for them to avoid the inevitable

Primary Fire : Fires a bolt, longer you you press the button the more power the blast.
Secondary Fire : Charges a bolt, ready to be released with a tap of the Primary Fire.

This internally powered airborn is crafted out of the same light weight material like most Yautja weaponry. It is capable of coming back to the thrower after it has been thrown at the target and nutralized it. With it's devestating razer sharp edges it can slice threw any material.

Primary Fire : Trows the darn thing.
Secondary Fire : None

First introduced in Predator 2. This weapon will fire a net which captures your victims and slowly kills them. The only way to get out of this trap is to slash it using your claws, knife or wristblades. This weapon can be quite handy.

Primary Fire : Fires a net
Secondary Fire : None

Remote Bomb
This weapon looks like a small disc. When trown you can detonate it using your wristconsole or it will detonate after a short while. When used properly it can be quite lethal.

Primary Fire : Trows the bomb
Secondary Fire : Detonate it



Your helmet contains the abilty to switch vision modes and use weapons that track your victims. New in AvP2 is that you can now lose your helmet. The only way to restore the helmet abilities is to find another helmet. The helmet has 4 vision modes in AvP2. They are: Normal, Thermal, EM Vision and Pred Tech. Thermal allows your to pick up heat, thus best used against humans. EM Vision works best agains Xenomorph lifeforms and PredTech is best used against Metal, like predators and sentry-guns.

Wrist Console
This is your most handy gadget. It controls almost all aspects of your equipment. It can do a variety of things, like the control of your plasmacaster. New in AvP2 is the ability to short-circuit electric devices.

Cloaking Device
This device has the ability to bend light around you, thus making you almost invisible. Using a little energy to activate it and almost none to sustain it, it is most recomended against humans.


This device heals all your wounds at the costs of almost half your energy. It is handy and may save your live multiple times.

Energy Gatherer
This device gathers all the energy around you. It will restore your energy completely. Drawback is the amound of light this thing generates, thus alerting many foes.